EVERY DAY FAITH – Small Group Resources for the PAOC Initiative








The PAOC currently has an initiative to encourage “Every Day Faith” (see their web page here). The idea is that people would Pray, Read, Give, and Share every day.

This year at my college (Horizon College and Seminary) I led my small group through a discussion series of “Every Day Faith.” I figure that many pastors will want to do the same thing in their churches’ small groups, perhaps in combination with a sermon series on the same four topics. You might find the material that I used helpful for your own purposes (even for creating a sermon series, if you don’t have small groups). Most of the material was actually created for a few different series when I was pastoring at a church, so it has all been used at least twice and I found it helpful in both settings.

I will include here small group material which includes both a leader’s guide on each topic and a discussion guide for the members of the small group. When I was pastoring we would include the discussion questions as a bulletin insert.

CLICK HERE to download the zip file, which includes all of the above mentioned files.

Let me know if you find the material useful! Thanks. 





  1. Hello Dr. G,

    Thanks for the resources!

    We just started a series on Jesus parables, but I’ll see about using this for either June or July. I find expository messages and small group resources based on one block passage really easy to put together but topical messages…not so much.

    Plus, since I’ll be away one of those weeks it’ll be nice to give the night some direction.


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